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Lost Between Worlds Alternate Hour 1 (Digital)

Lost Between Worlds Alternate Hour 1 (Digital)

Alternate issue 1 of Lost Between Worlds featuring a whole new art style and visual differences! 


Gwynn Ap Nudd is one of many Reapers, given the mission of collecting the souls of the dead on a daily basis. One day she is tasked with collecting the soul of someone named Verda, but when approached, the man claims to be named Dospe, and have Dissociative Identity Disorder. Could this man be telling the truth, or is he trying to find some loop hole to try and cheat death?Unbeknownst to Gwynn, More trouble seems to be looming in the horizon that could affect both the world of the living, and the dead. Join Gwynn on the beginning of her adventure between worlds to find out what happens, just don’t get lost along the way!

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